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Dar Al Haqooq Legal Consultancy in association with Nawel Salem advocates and Legal Consultants provide various legal services across the UAE

Dar al Haqooq Legal Consultancy LLC & Nawal Salem advocates and legal consultants are your keys to cutting-edge legal services across the United Arab Emirates. We Provide a Full Spectrum of Legal Services and our team is committed to protecting your rights and Interests with the utmost expertise and zeal. Trust in our Combined Expertise for a just and prosperous future.

CIVIL Litigation

Dar al Haqooq Legal Consultancy LLC has a proven track record of excellence, in handling civil litigation cases across all courts in the UAE. Our dedicated and experienced local lawyer, Nawal Salem, ensures that we vigorously defend our client’s rights and protect their interests throughout the process.

Civil litigation encompasses a range of disputes, including contract breaches, property conflicts, personal injury claims and more. Our team of attorneys is well versed in UAE laws and procedures allowing us to navigate legal matters with precision and efficiency. We approach each case with research, strategic planning and strong advocacy. Our commitment to providing personalized attention enables us to tailor our strategies according to our client’s unique needs and objectives. Whether representing individuals or businesses our goal is to achieve the outcomes for our clients in civil litigation cases.

Our Civil Litigation Services include:

  • Disputes arising from contracts: We handle disagreements arising from contracts, non-performance issues or disputes over contract terms. Our lawyers diligently work towards protecting our client’s rights and negotiating settlements. Our team is here to help clients resolve conflicts related to estate such, as disagreements between landlords and tenant’s disputes over property ownership and boundary issues. If you have been injured due to someone’s negligence,
  • Our team is here to help clients resolve conflicts related to estate such, as disagreements between landlords and tenant’s disputes over property ownership and boundary issues.
  • If you have been injured due to someone’s negligence, we can assist you in pursuing a personal injury claim to seek compensation for the damages you have suffered.
  • We have lawyers who specialize in debt recovery and represent creditors looking to recover debts from individuals or businesses.
  • If you have been harmed by someone’s actions, we can support you in pursuing a tort claim to seek compensation for the damages incurred.
  • Whether you are an employer or an employee we provide assistance in resolving employment related disputes like termination, harassment claims and breaches of employment contracts.
  • Our firm offers representation for property disputes such, as trademark infringement, copyright violations and patent conflicts.
  • We handle disputes including shareholder conflicts, partnership disagreements and disputes arising from business transactions.
  • Our expertise extends to dealing with litigation related to construction matters. Our team is here to assist clients who are involved in disputes related to construction such, as issues with construction quality delays in projects and conflicts over payments.

We not only provide representation in court, but also offer alternative methods of resolving conflicts, like arbitration and mediation. These approaches aim to help clients find solutions outside of the courtroom.
At Dar Al Haqooq Legal Consultancy LLC we understand the anxiety and uncertainty that come with litigation. Our team is dedicated to maintaining transparent communication with our clients. We keep them informed about the progress of their cases and provide assessments of their options.
With our expertise, commitment and determination to achieve outcomes we are fully equipped to handle a range of civil litigation matters across the UAE. Whether you're an individual seeking justice or a business defending its interests our experienced lawyers are prepared to offer you the support.


Navigating through the complexities of trials can be overwhelming. Having a team by your side is crucial for protecting your rights and ensuring a fair trial. At Dar Al Haqooq Legal Consultancy LLC, we have knowledge, in handling criminal cases throughout the UAE. With our group of criminal defence lawyers we offer strategic legal representation, to individuals who are facing criminal charges at various stages of the legal process.

Our Family Matters and Succession Services include:

  • Separation: We have an understanding of the complexities that arise in divorce and separation cases. We are here to offer our guidance to clients who need assistance navigating through challenging issues such as child custody, spousal support, and property division.
  • Child Custody and Visitation: Our team is dedicated to prioritizing the interests of the children involved while also upholding the rights of our clients as parents when it comes to matters of child custody and visitation.
  • Child Support and Alimony: We provide support in determining reasonable arrangements for child support and alimony, ensuring financial stability for both parents as well as their children.
  • Domestic Violence Cases: Our firm is committed to helping victims of violence by providing them with protection options, including obtaining restraining orders that prioritize their safety.
  • Pre and Post Nuptial Agreements: We assist couples in creating postnuptial agreements that safeguard their assets and outline financial arrangements should a divorce occur in the future.
  • Succession and Inheritance: Our team specializes in managing succession matters such as drafting wills and estate planning to ensure that our clients' wishes regarding asset distribution are respected.
  • Probate and Estate Administration: When a loved one passes away we offer assistance throughout the probate process, guiding our clients through estate administration procedures with care.

Our main objective is to find resolutions for family disputes by promoting mediation and negotiation, fostering cooperation and understanding among family members.

We have a team that provides assistance to families considering adoption, ensuring compliance with the adoption laws in the UAE and facilitating a smooth adoption process.

When it comes to matters of guardianship, we offer guidance on appointing guardians who can ensure the wellbeing and care of loved ones.

At Dar Al Haqooq, we understand that every family situation is unique, which is why we approach each case with sensitivity and personalized attention. We acknowledge the emotional challenges that our clients face during family disputes, and our commitment lies in guiding them through the process with care and compassion.

Our team of family law attorneys are negotiators and litigators who can resolve matters through alternative dispute resolution methods or effectively represent our clients in court if necessary. While our goal is always to find solutions, we also prioritize protecting our clients' rights and interests when litigation becomes unavoidable.

We strongly believe in maintaining communication with our clients throughout their cases, ensuring that they are kept informed about the progress and empowered to make informed decisions for themselves and their families. At Dar Al Haqooq Legal Consultancy LLC, we prioritize delivering results and ensuring the welfare of our clients. You can rely on us as your trusted ally for any issues concerning families in the UAE.


Issues pertaining to families can be emotionally challenging and require delicate handling. At Dar al haqooq Legal Consultancy LLC, we are dedicated to offering professional assistance to clients dealing with various family matters across the UAE. Under the guidance of experienced local lawyer Nawal Salem, our team strives for resolutions whenever possible while fiercely advocating for our clients' rights in court when necessary.

Our services for Criminal Trials encompass:

  • Police Investigations: If you find yourself under investigation by the police it is crucial to seek advice. Our attorneys can provide guidance throughout the process ensuring that your rights are safeguarded and that you don't inadvertently incriminate yourself.
  • Representation during Prosecution: When confronting prosecution having an advocate by your side is essential. Our attorneys meticulously review the evidence presented by the prosecution construct a defense strategy and vigorously represent your interests in court.
  • Immigration Prosecution: If you are dealing with charges related to immigration matters our team of experts can offer guidance and representation to navigate through the intricate complexities of immigration prosecution in the UAE.
  • Traffic Prosecution: Traffic violations carry consequences such, as fines, license suspension or even imprisonment. Our lawyers can assist you in understanding your rights and options while advocating on your behalf to achieve the outcome.
  • Criminal Trials: In case your case proceeds to trial our attorneys are well prepared to defend your rights within the courtroom setting. We offer a defense to challenge the evidence presented by the prosecution and ensure communication of your side of the story to the judge and jury.
  • Legal Assistance, for Individuals in Detention: If you or someone you care about is detained, we can provide support, including seeking bail and ensuring that your rights are upheld during the detention period.
  • Legal Advice for Criminal Allegations: Even before formal charges are filed it's crucial to seek advice if you suspect that you may be facing allegations. Our lawyers can offer intervention providing counsel to safeguard your interests and rights.
  • Negotiating Plea Bargains: In situations reaching a plea bargain through negotiation may be the appropriate course of action. Our skilled negotiators can collaborate with the prosecution to secure plea deals that minimize penalties.
  • Appeals and Post-Conviction Remedies: If you have been convicted our legal team can assist with the process of filing appeals. Exploring options for conviction relief in case new evidence surfaces or errors occurred during the trial.

At Dar Al Haqooq we recognize how profoundly criminal charges can impact your life, reputation, and future.

We approach each case with care, understanding and a strong dedication to achieve the outcomes for our clients. Our team of criminal defense lawyers has a knowledge of UAE laws and procedures enabling us to create effective defense strategies that are tailored to the unique aspects of each case. We believe in maintaining honest communication with our clients ensuring that they have an understanding of their legal options and the potential consequences they might face.

Dealing with charges can be overwhelming. When you have Dar Al Haqooq Legal Consultancy LLC by your side you can feel confident knowing that a committed group of legal professionals if fighting to protect your rights and interests at every stage of criminal trial process.


Rental disputes are quite common between landlords and tenants in the UAE. At Dar Al Haqooq Legal Consultancy LLC, we provide expert assistance to both tenants and landlords involved in disputes. Our team of lawyers is well versed in laws and procedures, allowing us to effectively advocate for our clients' rights and work towards favourable outcomes.

Our services for disputes encompass aspects:

  • Reviewing Lease Agreements: We conduct reviews of lease agreements to ensure fairness and legal compliance, safeguarding our clients' interests before they sign any contracts.
  • Tenant Eviction Defence: If you are a tenant facing eviction, we meticulously evaluate your case, explore options to protect your rights, and prevent unjust evictions.
  • Addressing Non-Payment of Rent: We assist landlords in dealing with cases where tenants fail to pay rent, seeking solutions while ensuring adherence to UAE rental laws.
  • Resolving Property Maintenance Disputes: Our legal team acts as mediators in disputes concerning property maintenance responsibilities, offering clarity and fair resolutions.
  • Criminal Trials: In case your case proceeds to trial our attorneys are well prepared to defend your rights within the courtroom setting. We offer a defense to challenge the evidence presented by the prosecution and ensure communication of your side of the story to the judge and jury.
  • Security Deposits: When it comes to security deposits, we support tenants who are seeking to get their money while also guiding landlords on how to use these deposits.
  • If tenants feel that a rent increase is unfair or not justified, we can assist them in challenging the increase and finding a resolution.
  • Our law firm specializes in resolving conflicts between tenants and house owners, working towards solutions that promote a harmonious living environment.
  • We strive to mediate disputes between landlords and tenants by fostering conversations and aiming for mutually agreeable outcomes
  • We provide tenants with information about their rights and responsibilities, empowering them to make choices and stand up for their entitlements.
  • Landlords can rely on our advice regarding their obligations under UAE rental laws, ensuring they comply with regulations and follow practices.

At Dar Al Haqooq, we understand the nature of disputes for both landlords and tenants. Our objective is to deliver efficient solutions while safeguarding our clients' interests. We promote dialogue and negotiation, actively seeking resolutions whenever feasible.

When negotiations fail to resolve a dispute, our skilled lawyers are ready to represent our clients in court. We approach each case with an understanding of laws and a dedication to achieving the best possible outcomes for our clients.

We prioritize fairness and justice in handling rental disputes. Whether you're a tenant seeking to assert your rights or a landlord aiming to safeguard your property and interests, Dar Al Haqooq Legal Consultancy LLC is here to provide representation and guidance for all rental-related matters.


The real estate sector in the UAE is a changing landscape that presents both opportunities and challenges for investors, developers, buyers, and sellers. At Dar Al Haqooq Legal Consultancy LLC, our team of real estate lawyers offers legal support and guidance for clients involved in real estate transactions and disputes.

Our Real Estate Services include:

  • Property Purchase and Sale: Our lawyers provide expert assistance throughout the transaction process when buying or selling commercial properties. We review contracts, negotiate terms, and ensure that your interests are protected.
  • Before any property transaction, we thoroughly analyze all information to identify any potential legal risks. This ensures that our clients have all the information to make informed decisions.
  • We are experienced in drafting and reviewing lease agreements for both landlords and tenants. Our focus is on addressing terms and conditions while safeguarding the rights of each party involved.
  • Resolving Property Maintenance Disputes: Our legal team acts as mediators in disputes concerning property maintenance responsibilities, offering clarity and fair resolutions.
  • Our team specializes in handling the transfer of title deeds, ensuring a legally compliant process for changing property ownership.
  • For property development projects, we offer support to developers, investors, and contractors. Our goal is to ensure compliance with regulations while minimizing risks.
  • Clients seeking real estate financing can rely on our expertise as we provide guidance on financing options, assist with mortgage applications, and navigate related matters.
  • Construction projects require attention to contracts. Our lawyers possess the knowledge needed to draft and review construction contracts that protect the interests of all parties involved.
  • In situations where real estate disputes arise, our firm offers representation in mediation sessions, arbitration hearings, or litigation processes to safeguard our clients' interests.
  • Our firm provides guidance to individuals and businesses interested in investing in the real estate market of the UAE. We assist our clients by advising them on requirements and potential risks associated with their real estate investments.
  • Our team specializes in resolving disputes between landlords and tenants, ensuring that both parties comply with their obligations. We have an understanding of the challenges and opportunities that arise in the UAE real estate market. By staying updated with the laws and regulations, we provide timely advice to our clients, enabling them to make well-informed decisions.

At Dar Al Haqooq, we are dedicated to helping our clients achieve their real estate goals while minimizing any risks involved. Whether you are a first-time homebuyer, an investor, or a property developer, our personalized approach combined with our commitment to excellence makes us the top choice for estate legal services in the UAE.

We prioritize building relationships with our clients, ensuring that we understand their needs and objectives. With a blend of expertise and market insights, we deliver an experience that instils confidence and peace of mind in every real estate endeavour.


Insurance is a field especially challenging when it comes to dealing with incidents and losses. At Dar Al Haqooq Legal Consultancy LLC, we specialize in providing expert help in the insurance sector. Our team of lawyers has knowledge of insurance laws and regulations, allowing us to effectively represent our clients and ensure they receive fair compensation and expert guidance.

We offer a range of services in the insurance sector, including:

  • Accident Claims: If you've been involved in an accident and need to file an insurance claim, our attorneys are here to assist you throughout the claims process. We work diligently to make sure you receive the compensation you deserve for your injuries and damages.
  • Insurance Policy Review:We carefully assess insurance policies to ensure they offer coverage and protect our clients' best interests. We explain policy terms and conditions in detail, empowering our clients to make informed decisions.
  • Insurance Coverage Disputes: In cases where there are disputes regarding insurance coverage, we vigorously advocate for policyholders to ensure they receive the benefits and coverage entitled to them as per their insurance policies.
  • Our team is here to assist clients in filing property insurance claims for damages caused by disasters, accidents, or other covered events. We work diligently to maximize their chances of a successful claim outcome.
  • When it comes to vehicle insurance claims, we stand by our clients to ensure they receive compensation for vehicle repairs and personal injuries resulting from accidents.
  • Whether you're a business or an individual, our firm is ready to help you file liability insurance claims, safeguarding your interests in cases of alleged negligence or liability.
  • In the event of a policyholder's passing, we understand the importance of supporting beneficiaries through the life insurance claim process. Our goal is to ensure they receive the benefits they are rightfully entitled to.
  • Medical expenses can often cause stress, which is why we provide guidance and representation to clients filing medical insurance claims. We work tirelessly to ensure that their expenses are covered as outlined in their policies.
  • Insurance policies can be complex and confusing. Our team is here with consultations tailored specifically for various insurance matters. We aim to help clients understand their rights and obligations under these policies.

At Dar Al Haqooq, we recognize that dealing with insurance matters can be overwhelming and challenging during times of distress or uncertainty. Our dedicated lawyers approach each case with empathy and a commitment to providing personalized attention based on our client’s unique needs. We understand how crucial it is to resolve insurance cases efficiently. Our team puts in effort to expedite the claims process using their negotiation and communication skills to advocate for our clients and achieve the possible outcomes. If you're facing difficulties with your insurance claim or need expert advice on insurance matters, our committed team of insurance lawyers is here to assist you. We have knowledge of insurance laws and are dedicated to ensuring client satisfaction. Dar Al Haqooq Legal Consultancy LLC is your partner for all your insurance-related legal support needs in the UAE.


The employment laws in the UAE are created to safeguard the rights and interests of both employers and employees. At Dar al haqooq Legal Consultancy LLC, we provide consultations and representation for all employment law matters. Our team of employment lawyers is well versed in the complexities of labor regulations in the UAE, ensuring that our clients receive practical advice tailored to their specific requirements.

Our Services in Employment Law include:

  • Employee Appointments: We help businesses create employment contracts that comply with UAE labor laws while protecting the rights of both employers and employees.
  • Development of Employment Policies: Our team assists companies in establishing comprehensive employment policies that foster a work environment while complying with regulations.
  • Termination and Severance: We offer guidance on employee termination procedures, ensuring that employers adhere to requirements and avoid liabilities.
  • Disciplinary Actions: Our employment lawyers provide advice to employers on actions, helping them strike a balance between maintaining productivity among their workforce while adhering to standards.
  • Harassment and Discrimination Claims: If employees experience harassment or discrimination at work, we support them in seeking justice and fair treatment.
  • Wage Disputes: We offer representation for both employers and employees in cases involving wage disputes. Our goal is to ensure that fair compensation is provided in accordance with employment agreements and labor laws.
  • Resolution of Employment Disputes: Our team specializes in providing representation for employment-related disputes, whether through mediation, arbitration, or litigation.
  • Workplace Health and Safety: We provide guidance to companies on adhering to workplace health and safety regulations, assisting them in creating a working environment for their employees.
  • Employee Benefits and Entitlements: Our experienced attorneys help employers understand and comply with employee benefits and entitlements, ensuring they meet all requirements.

At Dar Al Haqooq, we understand the importance of fostering an employer-employee relationship for the success of any business. Our approach to employment law focuses on support, helping businesses stay compliant with employment regulations while minimizing potential legal risks.

When it comes to employees, we prioritize advocating for their rights and ensuring fair treatment within the workplace. We offer guidance regarding their entitlements, benefits, as well as options available if they face any form of mistreatment.

Our team recognizes that employment disputes can have implications for both parties involved. Therefore, we give importance to resolving disputes through methods that encourage resolutions whenever feasible, thereby saving time and resources for all parties involved.

With a comprehension of the intricacies of employment law in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), our attorneys are well prepared to cater to the requirements of our clients. Whether you are an employer seeking to establish a workplace or an employee in need of legal guidance regarding your rights, Dar al haqooq Legal Consultancy LLC is your dependable partner in navigating the complexities of employment law in the UAE.


At Dar al haqooq Legal Consultancy LLC, we recognize that both individuals and businesses often require expert advice and consultation to address their legal concerns. Our firm provides consultation services that assist clients in comprehending their rights, options, and potential legal risks.

Our Legal Consultation Services include:

  • General Legal Advice: We offer expert advice on a range of legal matters, aiding clients in navigating intricate legal issues and making well-informed decisions.
  • Case Evaluation: Our team assesses cases by offering insights into their strengths and weaknesses while advising on the most suitable course of action.
  • We carefully create contracts to ensure they are legally valid and that our clients' best interests are safeguarded.
  • We assist businesses in complying with laws and regulations, helping them manage risks and operate within the boundaries of the law.
  • Our lawyers help develop strategies for resolving disputes through negotiation, mediation, arbitration, or litigation.
  • We conduct assessments of legal risks for businesses and provide recommendations on measures to protect their interests.
  • Our expertise extends to advising businesses on matters related to employment law, including employee contracts, workplace policies, and compliance with labor regulations.
  • When it comes to real estate transactions, our team provides guidance to ensure that clients fully understand the implications involved in buying or selling property.
  • We offer expert advice on protecting intellectual property rights, including trademarks, copyrights, and patents.
  • Family law matters such as divorce proceedings, child custody issues, inheritance matters, and will drafting receive comprehensive guidance from our experienced lawyers.

Our consultation services are customized to meet the needs of each client. We make it a priority to actively listen to our clients' concerns, address their inquiries, and offer solutions. Our approach focuses on transparency, ensuring that our clients are fully informed about the consequences of their decisions.

Whether you're an individual seeking advice or a business in need of professional legal guidance, our team of experienced lawyers is here to assist you. Dar Al Haqooq Legal Consultancy LLC is dedicated to providing consultation services that empower clients to navigate complex legal matters with confidence and peace of mind.


Arbitration is widely recognized as a method for resolving legal disputes by offering parties a faster and more private route outside the courtroom. At Dar Al Haqooq Legal Consultancy LLC, we have a team with experience in handling arbitration cases. Our attorneys possess knowledge in both international arbitration laws and procedures, enabling us to deliver exceptional arbitration services to our valued clients.

Our Arbitration Services include:

  • Comprehensive Legal Opinion: We meticulously process a legal opinion based on English law, carefully assessing the strengths of our clients' case while providing strategic advice.
  • Merit Evaluation: Our team conducts an analysis of the merits based on law, which serves as the foundation for our clients' claims in arbitration.
  • Preparation for Arbitration Disputes: We diligently prepare the statement outlining our clients' claim and the legal grounds supporting their position, ensuring compliance with the law.
  • Compilation of Documentary Evidence: Our attorneys organize all documentary evidence to bolster our clients' case during arbitration proceedings
  • Preparation of Witness Reports: We assist in crafting witness reports that align with our clients' objectives Company Formation.
  • Representation at Arbitration Hearings: Our experienced advocates represent clients before arbitrators or arbitration panels during hearings presenting a case on their behalf.
  • Enforcement following Award Issuance: Once the arbitration award is issued we provide assistance to our clients in enforcing it through channels.

At Dar Al Haqooq, we appreciate the benefits offered by arbitration such as its efficiency, confidentiality and enforceability of awards. We work closely with each client to develop arbitration strategies tailored to their circumstances. Our ultimate aim is to achieve outcomes and cost effectively.

Our team has knowledge and experience in the rules and procedures of known arbitration institutions as well as handling ad hoc arbitration proceedings. We are committed to keeping up to date with the developments in arbitration laws to ensure that our clients receive representation and advice.

Whether you are considering arbitration as a method for resolving disputes or need assistance in an arbitration case our arbitration team, at Dar Al Haqooq Legal Consultancy LLC is fully prepared to offer high quality legal services. We will guide you through each stage of the arbitration process with expertise and professionalism.


Establishing a company in the UAE involves navigating through requirements and procedures. At Dar Al Haqooq Legal Consultancy LLC, we offer assistance to individuals and businesses who are looking to set up their companies in the UAE. Our team of lawyers provides expert guidance to ensure a smooth and legally compliant process of company formation.

Our services for company formation include:

  • Advisory on Legal Structure: We provide advice to clients on selecting the legal structure for their company, taking into consideration factors such as liability, ownership, and operational flexibility.
  • Drafting Memorandum and Articles of Association: Our lawyers prepare all documents, including the Memorandum and Articles of Association that outline the purpose, activities, and internal governance of the company.
  • Obtaining Trade Licenses: We assist in obtaining trade licenses and permits from government authorities while ensuring compliance with regulations.
  • Registration with Authorities: Our team handles the registration process with the authorities, streamlining procedures for our clients.
  • Preparation of Witness Reports: We assist in crafting witness reports that align with our clients' objectives Company Formation.
  • Shareholder and Partner Agreements: We draft agreements that clearly define the rights, responsibilities, and obligations of shareholders and partners within the company.
  • Expert Advice on Governance Practices: We help companies stay compliant with relevant laws and regulations regarding their operations.
  • Creating Employment Contracts and HR Policies: Our firm specializes in creating employment contracts and HR policies that align with labor laws in the UAE, providing protection for both employers and employees.
  • Guidance on Intellectual Property Protection: We provide guidance on protecting your property, including assistance with trademark registration and copyright protection strategies.
  • Negotiation Support during Formation Process: Our experienced team offers negotiation support during the formation process of your company, as well as conducting thorough due diligence on potential partners or investors.
  • Streamlining Bank Account Opening: We streamline the process of opening bank accounts for your company, ensuring financial operations right from the start.

By selecting Dar Al Haqooq Legal Consultancy LLC as your partner for company formation, you will have access to a team of lawyers who possess extensive knowledge of UAE business laws and practices. We prioritize understanding each client's business objectives to tailor our services.

Our unwavering commitment to excellence and meticulous attention to detail ensure that the company formation process is executed efficiently while minimizing delays and mitigating any risks. With our assistance, you can confidently begin your journey to establish a solid legal foundation for your business in the UAE.


For individuals and businesses looking to create trust structures or holding companies, Dar Al Haqooq Legal Consultancy LLC provides guidance and support. Trust and holding companies offer benefits in terms of asset protection, tax planning, and estate management. Our team of lawyers specializes in forming and structuring trust and holding companies, ensuring the protection of our clients' interests while achieving their objectives.

Our services for forming Trusts and Holding Companies include:

  • Establishing Trusts: We assist clients in setting up trusts by offering guidance on choosing the trust type, such as discretionary trusts, charitable trusts, or other forms of trust structures.
  • Formation of Holding Companies: Our lawyers facilitate the establishment of holding companies that enable clients to consolidate and manage their assets, investments, and subsidiaries.
  • Strategies for Asset Protection: We provide advice on asset protection strategies through the use of trust and holding company structures. These strategies help safeguard assets from risks and creditor claims.
  • Tax Planning: Our dedicated team assists clients in optimizing their tax position by utilizing trust and holding company structures. We take advantage of tax jurisdictions and legal mechanisms to help our clients make the most of their resources.
  • Estate Planning: Our comprehensive estate planning services ensure that our clients' assets are managed and distributed according to their wishes. We work closely with them to create customized plans that align with their long-term goals.
  • Structuring: When it comes to designing structures for holding companies, we consider our clients' unique business objectives. Our aim is to create structures that support their goals and aspirations.
  • Legal Compliance and Regulatory Advisory: Our experienced lawyers ensure that trust and holding companies comply with all regulatory requirements, both locally in the UAE and in other relevant jurisdictions.
  • Administration and Management Support: In addition to providing initial establishment services, we offer administration and management support for trust and holding companies. This ensures smooth operations while ensuring compliance with all obligations.

At Dar Al Haqooq, we recognize the role played by trust and holding companies in wealth management as well as succession planning for individuals and businesses alike. With our team's knowledge of international laws, we deliver tailored solutions that align seamlessly with our clients' long-term financial goals, as well as their estate planning objectives.

Client confidentiality is of utmost importance to us, which is why we operate discreetly while establishing trust and holding companies, ensuring privacy throughout the process. With Dar Al Haqooq Legal Consultancy LLC as your trusted advisor, you can have peace of mind knowing that your trust and holding company structures are secure and effective. Our services enable you to safeguard and grow your assets, manage investments, and ensure a secure future.


Creating a will is a crucial step in ensuring that your assets and estate are distributed according to your wishes after you pass away. At Dar Al Haqooq Legal Consultancy LLC, we provide expert assistance in drafting wills, guiding individuals through the process of preparing a legally valid document. We also offer support in executing and registering wills within the UAE.

Our Will Drafting and Execution Services include:

  • Comprehensive Will Drafting: Our experienced estate planning lawyers work closely with clients to personalize their wills, accurately reflecting their desires regarding asset distribution, guardianship of children, and specific instructions.
  • Estate Planning: We offer advice on estate planning to ensure that our clients' wills align with their goals, such as minimizing potential tax liabilities and protecting beneficiaries.
  • Compliance: Our team ensures that all wills comply with legal requirements while being executed in accordance with UAE laws and regulations.
  • Appointment of Executors and Trustees: We offer our expertise in appointing executors and trustees to our clients, ensuring that responsible individuals are chosen to fulfill the provisions of the will.
  • Witnessing and Notarization: Our services include arranging witnessing and notarization of wills, which is a crucial step in ensuring their validity and enforceability.
  • Registration with Authorities: We guide our clients through the process of registering their wills with the authorities, providing a layer of protection and easy accessibility when needed.
  • Amendments and Updates: Our team of lawyers provides support to clients in updating and making amendments to their wills as life circumstances change or new assets are acquired.

At Dar Al Haqooq, we understand that drafting a will is a sensitive matter. Our estate planning attorneys approach this process with empathy and understanding, assuring clients that their wishes will be respected and carried out after they pass away.

We strive to simplify the drafting process for our clients, offering explanations of legal terms and options. With our guidance, individuals can make informed decisions to secure their legacy and provide for the well-being of their loved ones. Safeguarding your belongings and guaranteeing the well-being of your family demands preparation. Our committed assistance in creating and finalizing wills guarantees that your assets will be managed attentively and proficiently, enabling you to create a lasting heritage for generations.


In today’s era, safeguarding data and ensuring privacy have become concerns for both individuals and businesses. At Dar Al Haqooq Legal Consultancy LLC, we offer consultation services regarding data protection and privacy. Our team of experts provides guidance to navigate the landscape of privacy laws, cybersecurity, data theft, e-crime, and artificial intelligence (AI) law.

Our services in the field of Data and Privacy Law encompass:

  • Privacy Compliance: We assist businesses in understanding and adhering to data protection laws and regulations. Our aim is to ensure that their data processing practices align with requirements.
  • Data Protection Policies: Our dedicated team aids businesses in developing data protection policies that prioritize the confidentiality and privacy of personal as well as sensitive information.
  • Data Breach Response: In the event of a data breach, we are here to offer guidance on appropriate response measures. By doing so, we aim to minimize damage and legal consequences.
  • GDPR Compliance: With our specialization in this area, we guide companies in achieving compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This is particularly relevant for businesses operating within or dealing with the European Union.
  • Privacy Impact Assessments (PIA): To evaluate and mitigate privacy risks associated with data processing activities, we conduct Privacy Impact Assessments.
  • Cross-Border Data Transfer Agreements: Our legal team prepares agreements that enable the transfer of data across borders, ensuring that all relevant data protection laws are followed.
  • Website Terms and Conditions: We create enforceable terms and conditions for websites, safeguarding the rights of website owners and informing users about their responsibilities.
  • Cybersecurity Policies: Our expertise lies in assisting businesses in developing cybersecurity policies to defend against cyber threats and vulnerabilities.
  • Data Protection Training: We provide data protection training to businesses and their employees, promoting a culture of privacy compliance within the organization.
  • E-Crime and Data Theft Representation: In cases involving e-crime and data theft, our experienced lawyers offer expert representation to protect our clients' interests and pursue remedies.
  • AI Law: We provide guidance to businesses on the implications associated with using AI technologies, ensuring adherence to legal standards.

At Dar Al Haqooq Legal Consultancy LLC, we are committed to providing expertise in navigating the realm of Data and Privacy Law while prioritizing the best interests of our clients. Data privacy and protection laws are consistently evolving, with non-compliance resulting in penalties and damage to one's reputation. At Dar Al Haqooq, our team of experts in data and privacy laws are constantly updated with advancements in the field. This enables us to provide solutions to our clients. We fully understand the significance of safeguarding data and maintaining trust in this era. Our consultation services for data and privacy are customized to meet the needs and industry challenges faced by each client. We work closely with businesses to establish a foundation for data protection, ensuring compliance with obligations while fostering customer confidence and loyalty.

With Dar al haqooq Legal Consultancy LLC as your trusted partner in matters of data and privacy law, you can confidently navigate the complexities of data protection, manage risks effectively and proactively safeguard your business and sensitive information belonging to your customers.


The process of succession and inheritance within the UAE involves procedures, particularly when it pertains to distributing assets among legal heirs after someone's passing. At Dar Al Haqooq Legal Consultancy LLC, we extend assistance to clients who are rightful heirs of deceased individuals, guiding them through every step of the succession process while ensuring a smooth distribution of wealth that adheres to both Sharia Law and Non-Muslim Law.

Our services regarding Succession and Inheritance encompass the following areas:

  • Registration of Succession Case: We provide assistance to clients in registering the succession case with the authorities. This involves initiating the process of identifying heirs and determining their shares in the assets left behind by the deceased.
  • Identification of Legal Heirs: Our dedicated team conducts comprehensive research and investigations to identify all eligible legal heirs who are entitled to a portion of the deceased's estate.
  • Consultation on Sharia Law and Non-Muslim Law: We offer expert advice on applying Sharia Law or Non-Muslim Law depending on the affiliation of the deceased and the preferences expressed by the legal heirs.
  • Authentication of Wills: In situations where a will exists, we offer support in authenticating and validating it in accordance with laws.
  • Valuation of Assets: We assist in evaluating all assets belonging to the deceased, including properties, bank accounts, vehicles, insurance policies, and other assets subject to distribution.
  • Development of Asset Distribution Plan: Our team collaborates closely with heirs to formulate a legally compliant asset distribution plan that ensures each heir receives their rightful share.
  • Representation in Court Proceedings: Throughout succession proceedings, we provide representation for our clients in court settings, advocating for their interests and rights.
  • Paperwork and Authorities Liaison: Our firm takes care of all the paperwork and liaises with government authorities to ensure that the rightful heirs can smoothly acquire ownership of properties, bank accounts, vehicles, and other assets.
  • Debt Settlement: In the case of any debts left by the deceased, we assist the heirs in settling these obligations from the estate before distributing any remaining assets.
  • Probate and Inheritance Certificates: We provide support to heirs in obtaining probate and inheritance certificates, which are crucial for legally formalizing the distribution of assets.

At Dar Al Haqooq, we deeply understand the sensitive nature of succession and inheritance matters. Our dedicated team approaches these cases with empathy and compassion, offering personalized assistance to our clients during this time. We prioritize accuracy and meticulous attention to detail in our work, ensuring that every step of the succession process adheres to all requirements. Our experienced lawyers are well-versed in both Sharia Law and Non-Muslim law, allowing us to effectively cater to a range of client needs.

Our ultimate objective is to facilitate an equitable distribution of the deceased's wealth among their heirs while fostering harmony and understanding among family members throughout this important process. By selecting Dar Al Haqooq Legal Consultancy LLC as your partner for matters related to succession and inheritance, you can rely on our wealth of experience, unwavering dedication, and legal expertise to navigate the complexities of this process and achieve a resolution for all parties involved.


At Dar al Haqooq, we fully comprehend the importance of safeguarding your intellectual property (IP) assets. Our comprehensive Intellectual Property service covers aspects to ensure that your creations and innovations receive the utmost protection.

Here are the key elements of our IP service:

  • Trademark Registration: Securing trademark registration is a step in preserving the identity of your brand. Our team of experts will support you throughout the process of registering trademarks with the Ministry of Economy in the UAE. By obtaining trademark rights, you gain ownership over names, symbols, logos, or designs associated with your products or services. This protection prevents others from using marks that could cause confusion in the market and diminish your brand's reputation.
  • Patent Registration: If you have developed something, acquiring a patent is crucial to safeguarding your invention. Our services extend to guiding you through the patent registration process with the Ministry of Economy in the UAE. Patents provide individuals with rights to utilize, produce, and sell their inventions within a country. This legal protection ensures that others cannot exploit the invention without the inventor's permission, giving them an advantage in the market.
  • Copyright Registration: When it comes to copyright matters, safeguarding creative works is crucial. At Dar al Haqooq, we offer support for copyright-related issues. Our experts will guide you through the process of copyright registration, ensuring that your original literary, artistic, musical, or dramatic works are legally protected. By holding the copyright, you have control over how your works are used, reproduced, distributed, or performed. This protection safeguards your endeavors from unauthorized use and infringement.
  • Internet-Related IP Matters: Protecting property on the internet is of utmost importance. Our team specializes in handling internet-related intellectual property matters, including:
  • Domain Name Protection: We assist in securing domain names associated with your brand to prevent cyber squatters or unauthorized entities from using your brand's identity. This protection safeguards your reputation and helps maintain consistency for your brand
  • Digital Content Copyright: In today's age, it is crucial to safeguard your creations, such as e-books, online articles, images, and videos. Our team of experts specializes in providing copyright protection for your content, ensuring that unauthorized use and distribution are prevented.
  • Software Patents: If you are a software developer, it is vital to protect your code. Our experienced team can assist you in securing copyright protection for your software codes and guide you through the process of obtaining patents for software innovations. This will help safeguard your technology from any unauthorized usage.
  • Social Media and Brand Presence: In the landscape of social media, brand promotion is crucial. We offer counsel to protect your brand identity and the content you share on social media platforms. Our aim is to ensure that your online presence remains secure and shielded from any threats.
  • E-Commerce and Counterfeiting: For businesses, combating counterfeit products is of utmost importance. Our comprehensive services include protecting the intellectual property rights of sellers by preventing reproduction and distribution of their products. This helps maintain the integrity of their brand while safeguarding against illicit activities
  • Industrial Design Registration: If your products have a distinct appearance that sets them apart from competitors, registering their industrial design becomes essential. Our team can guide you through this process to ensure that the unique visual aspects of your products receive protection.

Dar al Haqooq offers support for registering designs with the Ministry of Economy. This ensures that your designs are protected from unauthorized use or imitation, giving you an edge in the market.

  • Indications Protection: We also provide guidance on safeguarding indications, which helps maintain the reputation and uniqueness of products originating from specific regions. Our experts assist in preserving the identity of products and protecting local producers from unfair competition.
  • Plant Varieties Protection: For plant breeders, protecting new and distinct plant varieties is important. We assist in obtaining plant varieties protection (PVP), granting rights to produce, sell, or distribute your creations within the UAE. This protection ensures that your efforts in developing plant varieties are not exploited without your consent.
  • Licensing and Royalty Agreements: Through licensing and royalty agreements, you can authorize others to use your property while receiving fees or royalties. Our legal experts help you draft agreements to ensure the utilization of your IP while providing fair compensation for its use.
  • IP Infringement Enforcement: In case of IP infringement incidents, our firm offers enforcement actions and litigation services to effectively protect your intellectual property rights. We work on your behalf to take action and seek compensation from those who have unlawfully used or copied your intellectual property (IP).
  • International Protection of Intellectual Property: If you're looking to protect your intellectual property globally, we offer full support through treaties and organizations like the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT). Our experts will guide you through the process of obtaining protection for your IP assets.
  • Open Source and Creative Commons Licensing: Our team assists in understanding and implementing open source software and Creative Commons licenses, promoting collaboration while respecting copyright terms. We can help you navigate the complexities of these licensing options and choose the approach for safeguarding your creative works.
  • Software Patents: If you are a software developer, it is vital to protect your code. Our experienced team can assist you in securing copyright protection for your software codes and guide you through the process of obtaining patents for software innovations. This will help safeguard your technology from any unauthorized usage.

At Dar al Haqooq, we are dedicated to ensuring the protection of your intellectual property rights. Rely on our expertise to safeguard your creations and innovations, securing a future in the realm of ideas. Get in touch with us today to benefit from our range of Intellectual Property services and pave the way for a future for your innovations.


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